The services of Alpha SEO revolve around three major axes, namely organic SEO, content writing and moderation of forums and comments. We can also do all three for you if you wish.

Organic SEO

The SEO techniques used by Alpha SEO aimed to allow your site to grow over the time and thus avoided a penalty by the Google. How? Simply by avoiding the use of keyword stuffing and over-optimized keyword. Also by avoiding the use of automatic comments and other techniques that aren't set manually.

Content writing

You are uninspired and yet must write the content of your site or write several press releases? We can do it for you. Just give us the instructions on the subject of your text, the pace it should have, its length in terms of characters or words, and eventually, the keywords you want.


You have a forum or a blog but don't have the time to moderate it, which is affecting its friendliness and interest. But you don't have the budget to hire somebody full time to do so. We can outsource this task for you in two parts. One, clean the old comments or topics. Two, moderate daily the new entries.

About Us

Who are we.

Alpha SEO belongs to the company Wealthy Focus Limited based in Hong Kong. The Company manages a portfolio of classifieds sites, webzines, forums, directories and press releases. The company is confronted daily to incoming data written by users (professional or not) and is used for a long time to know what is fair and square and what is not. That's why in 2014, Wealthy Focus decided to create Alpha SEO, to allow others to avoid penalties whatsoever due to bad SEO campaign or because of a lack of moderation.

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